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Chris Romero
Great session Went it for the chakra cleansing and instantly felt better as soon as I left. Thank you!
Greg McCormack
You are missing the best way to get healthy I have posted before. But I am such a believer in Neelou that I must and will continue to post. If you cant exercise you cant be healthy . Period so sometimes your body wont be in the best shape to exercise, I know that mine isn't. However Neelou has made my body behave better than it should. Don't go to Neelou to only feel good go to her be healed. I cannot imagine going to anyone else to help align my body. I like to think that she only cares about me but I know that she cares about all of her clients.
Matthew V
Not just a number Great first experience with Neelou. She took her time and did a great job! This is why I prefer not going to chains. You aren't just a number and you can see the difference. Highly recommended!
Gordon P
Fabulous service Neelou has helped me tremendously. I highly recommend her!
Rudy R
My Massage Every time I go to get my massage at Spirit of Lotus I really enjoy it. It makes my body feel much better. I can’t wait for my next appointment. Neelou is a true professional.
Nicole S
Calves Amazing!! Much better!
Nicole S
Plantar fasciitis Really did my help my feet.
Jen D
Love it!!! She came highly recommended from some friends, and she didn't disappoint! She gave thorough attention to my problem areas, and I felt like I was floating on clouds when I left. It was so relaxing and refreshing!
Beatrice A
Excellent massage:) Right when needed. Just perfect!
Marie H
Wonderful! Always a great massage!
Rudy R
Therapeutic Massage Neelou is a true professional. She makes me feel very comfortable. When I leave I fell very relax that I wish it would not end. Very satisfied.
Carmen G
Dealing with Stress Headaches Neelou has been able to work with me on resolving my struggles with these headaches. At my age I have decide to look for more of a healistic trearment. With Neelous experience and knowledge- she has worked wonders! I recommend her to everyone I know!
Gordon P
Great I came to Spirit of Lotus and found it to be very professional and relaxing. I explained my aches and pains and when I left, I was so much better. Thank you Spirit of Lotus, you give a fabulous massage.
Barbara A
Wonderful I have had problems with my neck and shoulder area for quite a while. I thought I would try massage. It would help for a short while and then the pain would be back. After seeing Neelou twice, it was unbelievable. The pain and stiffness has not come back and I feel so much better. I would recommend Spirit of Lotus to anyone who wants relief from pain.
Chip (John) C
SPIRIT OF LOTUS - MY RECENT VISIT I visited Spirit of Lotus (Therapist: Neelou Saleh) for the first time last week. I originally became interested because of the in-depth information Ms. Saleh has placed on her website. My visit was in no way disappointing. Ms. Saleh is friendly, polite, and professional. Her facility is warm, and welcoming. And - beyond that - her massage technique is among the most relaxing I have experienced. I will certainly make return visits to Spirit of Lotus; it is an excellent retreat from the day-to-day stress that we all experience.
Gordon P
Goodbye aches and pain I have had severe problems walking, standing and even sitting. Since going to "Spirit of Lotus", I have been feeling much better and I am able to walk much better and farther. I will recommend "Spirit of Lotus" to all my friends. Thank you "Spirit of Lotus."
jim o
Excellent excellent
Cynthia C
Excellent service! I have been getting massages for over a year now at Spirit of Lotus. I highly recommend Neelou. Her massages are both therapeutic and relaxing. I would'nt go anywhere else.
Candice J
Very relaxing Neelou was great! I had a 1 hour full body massage; she focused on my problem areas and made sure I was comfortable. Very professional. I highly recommend seeing Neelou!
Susan D
Massage Therapy Neeloh is very professional yet kind and caring. She makes sure she understands your issues before providing care. Having chronic pain issues, I always leave feeling so much better than when I arrived.
Kim R
Fabulous Neelou is gives the most fabulous massage, tailored to your needs. She is an incredibly gifted therapist, very professional and extremely strong too! She has a very gentle and sweet personality which I’ve found to be instantly calming, putting you into a zen state of mind from the start. Her long limbs allow her to move around her table effortlessly with a very fluid technique. Her space is serene, beautifully decorated and very comfortable with the perfect temperature, even on our warmest summer days. My first visit, I booked one for myself and my Mom. She worked on us one right after the other, we both said, “That was the best massage ever!” I decided right away to purchase a package of 90 minute massages. I appreciate the occasional emails with her available appointments. It’s a great service, so convenient to know right away what she has open that might work for me. I look forward to my next appointment!
Nicole S
Calves and feet. Cloud 9 man!! Their getting better and better.
allison w
Great Massage Neelou is very good at listening to your needs
G Mc.
Perfect Massage This week I had the perfect massage from Neelou. I always look forward to her personalized touch on the deep tissue message. This one was special it alleviated all of my sore points and tightness. I couldn't believe how good I felt after the message. My hips were not tight anymore, my quads and hamstrings released their soreness, and my back felt great. As I left I told Neelou that the only thing that I regret is I don't have time to come twice a week. I am definitely looking forward to my next one next week.
Pete S
GREAT HELP Great massage and just what my neck needed.
Nicole S
Shoulder and calves Feeling amazing!!
David A
Very very good I have been a customer of Spirit of Lotus for several years. Very professional and I always am very please with the services.
Amazing!! I haven't been able to find a decent massage place in the area and now I have found a more than decent one! It was amazing and I will definitely be coming back!
Nicole S
Calves, glutes and hamstring Amazing, cloud 9
Greg McCormack
If you care about your health I am older than I will admit in public so staying healthy is a constant challenge I work out 5 days a week, get regular annual physicals, and eat healthy. The one activity that I think contributes most to my overall well being is my weekly massage with Neelou. Some might say that frequency is an indulgence I say it is a necessity. When I leave my appointment I not only feel good physically but my mental aspect is improved immensely. I would never consider giving up my weekly message sessions at the Spirit of Lotus.
Vickie B
Amazing!!! Neelou is the best massage therapist ever!!! If you are in pain, need to relax, have a medical Neelou
Tammy N
AHHmazing! Best Massage Ever! I received a gift card from my daughter for a Reiki Healing session and thought I would add on a Deep Flow Therapeutic massage and a Thai Foot massage to round it out. So glad I did. Neelou works magic with her powerful hands and is very intuitive in getting the energy flows unblocked. I highly recommend Neelou!
Greg M
Simply the Best I have received massages all over the world, the therapeutic massages from Neelou are by far the best healing massages that I have ever received. I get them weekly since I find that with my exercise and workout schedule my ailing body benefits the most by doing that. Neelou takes the time to understand was is bothering you that day and works that issue. I can honestly say that I may go in hurting but I always respond to the massage. Neelou truly has a healing touch. I look on my massages as the best health insurance that I can get. I will and do recommend Neelou to anyone that is ailing. She is SIMPLY the BEST.
Greg McCormack
By Far The Best Neelou has renewed and restored my body with her skill, strength and dedication to healing. She listens to you and responds with a heeling message. healing in my case is deep tissue and I mean deep but it works. I wont say that my body feels like a teenager but it feels the best that it has felt in the past 10 years. I am on a weekly message cycle. Thank you Neelou.
Gregory M.
Without any doubts this was the best message to relieve any discomforts that I had both from the aging process and working out. Neelou is very soft spoken but has incredibly strong hands which combined with her skill and compassion for the client leads to an excellent experience. She is skilled in many forms of massage. It was so beneficial to me that I bought a package of 13.
Adrian K.
A massage from Neelou is part art form and part surgery. Not every part will feel good (it is therapeutic, after all!), but it is obvious that she knows exactly what she is doing. Highly recommended!
Monroe R.
I googled "Best massage in Kingwood" and that's exactly what I got. Highly recommend Neelou.
Sue G.
Neelou gives a wonderful massage.  I started going to her for sciatic nerve issues and had very tense muscles in my back.  She has helped me so much !   I would highly recommend her!
Byron W.

Hate to share her, but gotta tell the truth . . . Like her so much I sent my wife to her.  Wife has rheumatoid arthritis and is fussy about her massage.  Now I'm not sure which of us likes Neelou better.  She is a treasure.

Allison W.

Neelou was wonderful. She did a thorough job with my problem areas. I have already scheduled several more appointments.

Byron W.
O.K., I was tempted to give Neelou a one star rating . .  . Because I did not want word to get out.… Gotta tell the truth, though. After the way she treated me, she deserves the truth - highest rating plus. Going back and made appointment for my spouse. Love that she is one- person shop so I get same, great massage every time. Her approach is so client tailored, made me feel special. I like pan flute, eucalyptus for my sinuses and her touch . . . Wow. Immediately found and worked out muscle I had strained while compensating for recent surgery, Some may find her overly solicitous . . . o. k. That's a lie. You will love her or I'm tied in knots!

Neelou has helped me manage muscle pain from long hours working with the computer and relieve stress and discomfort from frequent travel. She is thoroughly knowledgeable and impeccably professional.

Linda Keltch
Neelou at Spirit of Lotus has actually changed my life! I had severe neck pain and was a bundle of stress and knots when I first came to her. She is a miracle worker. I felt much better after the first visit and now have appointments on a regular basis, have no pain, and can actually move around and look both ways - makes for safer driving! She is professional and dedicated to her craft. I highly recommend Spirit of Lotus Therapeutic Massage!
Red S.

I have had a lot of massages and Neelou ranks at the top of understanding just what your body needs.  Really rare for me to relax but Neelou's hands work magic.

Shannon T.

I have had 100's of massages and many were all over the world.  She is one of the best.  Thank goodness she is where I live.

Tina D.
Neelou gives the absolutely best massages "hands down"!  Not only does she work out the muscles and tightness but also just fills you with such calm that you are totally relaxed by the end of your appointment.
David H.
Neelou has very strong, skilled hands that can deliver an unbelievably relaxing massage, adjusting to exactly the right pressure level for your body. I highly recommend her.